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Al-Jazeera Machinery

Is a General Trading, Trading Agency & Printing Services Company. Since its establishment in 1995 and until now, it has been one of the leading companies in the fields of supplying & installing printing equipment, after-sales services, and consumables & Sparepart distribution.
In order to accommodate a bigger selection of presses and serve as large area as possible, Al-Jazeera Machinery know have two branches in Iraq, and One in Jordan, just to do that.
Based in Baghdad, Our Head Quarter to provide our service to the middle, and southern area of Iraq. Erbil Branch is there for the northern area of Iraq (KRG).
In the world of printing, we believe in the principle of “Creativity in Specialization”. Therefore, Al-Jazeera Machinery expanded successively as it was necessary in order to satisfy the growing requirements of the market in the field of printing, basic activities, machinery specifications, supplying raw materials, and providing technical consultancy.