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After more than 40 years of experience in the international market, ABEZETA, S.A. has become a worldwide reference in manufacturing, supplying and marketing of products for the Graphic Arts industry. Our team thanks the customers for the trust placed in ABEZETA, S.A. for over 4 decades, raising us to the position we now have in the market. Thanks to your confidence and support, we have achieved universal reputation and our brand is always associated with good service and quality products.

Al Jazeera Machinery Co. opened a wide cooperation with ABEZETA and succeeded servicing the Iraqi markets with their products of CTP Plates and Printing Chemicals so as Blankets due to many reasons as follows:

Keep the highest quality level for all the products. As a result, the brand ABEZETA is synonymous with quality and reliability.

Give the best service, support and cooperation, as well as ensure the shortest possible deadlines.

Go beyond the basic business relationship customer-supplier, by developing strategies with our customers and providing them a complete service: special productions, technical and commercial trainings, etc.

– Thermal plate

The CTP EVOLUTION plate has a stable performance, high sensitivity, good dot reproduction, sharp dot edge and does not require to be baked.


High sensitivity.

Multi-layer grain, good water/ink equilibrium.

High chemical resistance.

High adaptability: It is suitable for all conventional 830nm thermal CTP and developing equipments existing in the market.

It can be operated in daylight room.

– Chemicals Developer

Ready to use.

High accuracy and sharpness of image reproduction.

Anti-foam. Long lasting.

Since it is waste-free there is no need to wash plate-setter filter regularly.

– Processor Cleaner

Specially designed for conduits, rollers and developer bath tanks of analogue plates processors. Suitable and very efficient for any type, brand or model of processor.

– Plate Cleaner

Anti-oxidizing, degreasing, anti-veiling and cleaning solution. Its special composition immediately removes any substance that could damage the print. It penetrates in the pore of plate's emulsion removing possible oxide points and preventing its formation. Besides, it removes lines and small incisions on the anodic layer, activating a correct ink taking and a perfect print. It can be used as many times as it is necessary, without damaging or weakening the emulsion or image of the plate.

– Rollers Regenerators


Paste for the exhaustive cleaning of rollers. Easily removes solidified waste incrusted in the rollers surface as well as dried- up ink waste. Avoids the contact of waste with plate, that could damage the emulsion. Its application enables the rollers to recover their smooth original texture.

– Fountain

FOUNT SHEETFED (for sheetfed presses).

It meets the requirements of the main press manufacturers: Heidelberg, KBA and Man Roland. It delays the growing of waste in blankets and cylinders.

It protects plates while printing, enabling longer run lenghts.

Specially designed to reduce IPA in high speed sheetfed presses. Very stable formulation for the most demanding printing works.

It improves ink drying.

– Anti SET-OFF Power

Concentrated 1+3. Slightly acid product

It is recommended to use it after applying our circuit cleaner

It deeply disinfects the fountain solution circuit.

It neutralises the alkaline waste of the circuit cleaner.

– Wash


Suitable for sheetfed and Coldset web presses.

It removes in a single washing process any wastes, either solvent-solubles or water- Not compatible with EPDM or WEBsolubles.

Fast evaporation.

It contains a corrosive inhibitor to protect the presses.

Royal Dutch Inks

For generations, Van Son printing inks have set the standard for quality and performance in pressrooms around the world. Van Son has an ink that can cater to the needs and requirements of any sheetfed application. Naturally, Van Son gained its reputation in the small-to-midsize printing market, where a printer could purchase our exceptional quality and color consistency; one small can at a time. We also offered him more than printing ink.

Throughout the years, in all areas of marketing distribution and customer service, our efforts have been geared toward helping printers learn more about printing. In addition to an exceptional product line, our self-help literature and technical assistance hotline has made Van Son the most popular supplier of printing inks to this market around the world. All of us are aware of the dramatic changes that the printing industry has undergone in recent years. Printing equipment is far more sophisticated. Paper has become accountable to economics and the environment. Computers have altered the graphic arts industry forever, making process printing more accessible and affordable for advertisers and manufacturers. Van Son recognized and addressed these trends early on by creating formulations specifically for the needs and requirements, of the mid-to-large size printer.

It is not surprising that the future looks brighter than ever for VanSon. As printing technology continues to evolve faster and faster, our team of ink formulators is busy creating new and better inks — formulas for today’s emerging trends and technologies — and even experimental printing applications destined to become the printing standards of the next generation of printers.

Every ink in our extensive line of commercial inks delivers true, dense color, brilliant gloss, fast setting and sharp dot retention throughout the press run. At Van Son, our vision of pressroom efficiency has always extended beyond any single can of ink. It has been about creating trouble-free printing in multiple pressroom environments.