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Saphira Products is a comprehensive range of top-quality consumables for the pressroom, it is carefully selected and tested by experts, and Designed to produce excellent print results at maximum speeds. It is products to meet specific application or market requirements, and it’s tested either in Heidelberg Headquarters Laps or locally to ensure they meet the exacting demands of our customers. Heidelberg has added the motif “Manufactured for Heidelberg” to all the consumables sold under our own brands to emphasize that such products have met our exacting standards.

Products Range:

  • Saphira Fount (New universal fountain solution for sheetfed printing)

This is a new fount for use with IPA that guarantees an excellent print and colour stability, also with high-speed presses, and a fast start-up for minimum paper waste.

  • Saphira Fount AF (Sheetfed fountain solution for IPA-free printing)

This fount strongly reduces or eliminates the need for IPA and guarantees an excellent print and colour stability, also with high-speed presses.

  •  Saphira Fount Web AF (Premium headset fountain solution for IPA-free printing)

This fount strongly reduces or eliminates the need for IPA and guarantees an excellent print and colour stability, also with high-speed presses. It assures a fast start-up for minimum paper waste and can be used for any type of water.

  •  Saphira Wash (Mild odour, water-miscible washing fluid for daily use on rollers and blankets, optimized for automatic cleaning devices)

This washing fluid prevents glaze and oxidation on rollers and blankets and allows fast colour changes.

  • Saphira Damp Clean (Fast-drying cleaner and degreaser for the dampening rollers)

This cleaner has excellent hydrophilic properties, does not leave greasy residues and is suitable for rubber, chrome and ceramic rollers.

  •  System Cleaner (Effective cleaner for the dampening water circuit)

This cleaner effectively cleans ink, paper and solvent residues and its fast-acting formula assures a reduced downtime.

  •  Saphira Water Conditioner (Re-hardener for reverse osmosis water that optimizes the water quality for printing)

This re-hardener stabilizes the water, assures a constant water quality and does not affect the ink drying process.

  •  Saphira Blanket Conditioner (Superior rejuvenating and deglazing microemulsion for rubber rollers and blankets)

This rejuvenator guarantees an optimized image transfer and an extended roller and blanket life.

  •  Saphira Intensive Cleaner (Powerful ink roller cleaner, developed for use with the automatic Heidelberg Deep Clean System)

This cleaner is specially designed for the Heidelberg Deep Clean System. It restores the optimum ink transfer properties, allows fast colour changes and penetrates deeply into the rubber pores.

  •  Saphira Rollers Protection Liquid (Protective lubricant for NBR, MIX, EPDM and PU rubber rollers running idle)

This lubricant is effective at a low dosage and protects the EPDM, NBR, COMBI and PU rollers from overheating and cracking when they are not in use.

  •  Saphira Water Fix (Water conditioner for automatic cleaning systems)

This product guarantees drier blankets, minimized start-up waste and better removal of paper dust from the rollers and blankets.

  •  Saphira Chrome Conditioner (Conditioner for chrome dampening rollers that restores the hydrophilic properties)

This conditioner prevents ink build-up and removes all oxidation and chemical pollution from the chrome surface.

  •  Saphira Anti Foam (Solution that effectively eliminates foam from the dampening water circuit)

This solution is highly concentrated, economical in use and does not affect the properties of the dampening water.

  •  Saphira Antistatic (Lubricating and antistatic silicone spray for universal use)

This spray is easy to apply, has an excellent lubricating effect and eliminates static charges instantly.

  •  Saphira Anti Skin (Anti-oxidation spray that prevents ink skinning)

This spray is easy to apply, does not disturb the water-ink balance and lubricates the blankets for a smooth restart.

  •  Saphira Anilox Cleaning Gel (Cleaning gel to dissolve residues of ink and coating emulsion on the Anilox cylinders)

This gel efficiently removes dried ink and coating emulsion and restores the maximum transfer capacity. It is suitable for cleaning both water- and solvent-based residues.

  •  Saphira Plate Cleaner (Mild, universal plate cleaner)

This plate cleaner is suitable for use on a wide range of plates. It has a good desensitizing action and guarantees extended plate life.

This cleaner efficiently removes embedded residues on rollers and belts of Heidelberg Stahlfolder folding machines, Diana X folding carton gluers and Eurobond adhesive binders.
  •  Saphira Special Cleaner (Universal cleaner and revitalizer for post-press equipment)

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