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Post-Press Machine

Polar Post-Press

POLAR compact cutting machines are distinguished by the same high-quality standards which are valid for the construction of high-speed cutters: Sturdy construction and future-orientated platform for simple workflow integration. Established intuitive operator guidance, large touch screen and process visualization.

The new and dynamic growth market of digital printing has also gained in every respect from the company’s undertaking only to produce the best possible machines. In the small format sector, genuine, professional POLAR cutting machines are available at conditions which are very advantageous, both from a technical and economic point of view.

Heidelberg- Machines

Heidelberg- Machines

46 x 64 cm – 53 x 74 cm
  • Cutting machine POLAR D 56

  • Cutting machine POLAR D 66

  • Cutting machine POLAR D 80

  • High-speed cutter POLAR N 78

  • High-speed cutter POLAR N 92

63 x 88 cm to 75 x 106 cm
  • Cutting machine POLAR D 115

  • High-speed cutter POLAR N 115

  • High-speed cutter POLAR N 137

  • Automatic cutter POLAR Autotrim

  • High-speed cutter POLAR TwinClamp

89 x 126 cm – 106 x 145 cm – 126 x 164 cm
  • High-speed cutter POLAR N 176

  • High-speed cutter POLAR N 155

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Al Jazeera Machinery was established in 1995 and since then it has successfully been a supplier of printing equipment and printing services, which also includes importing and marketing raw materials, counselling and training of technical staffs.

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